30A Surge Guard - Permanent RV Surge Protector


Product Description:

This NEW 30 amp Surge Guard product monitors shore power continuously and shuts off when it detects power surges, open ground, open neutral, low or excessive voltage, mis-wired pedestals, or reverse polarity that could damage electronic equipment in your coach.  The 30 amp hardwire is permanently installed within the bay of your coach, preventing potential theft and damage from the elements. 
  • Use To Monitor Shore Power Continuously And Shuts Off When It Detects Excessive Voltage Or Open Neutral Conditions That Could Damage Electronic Equipment
  • 30 Amp
  • Automatically Disconnects During Open Neutral Condition And Also When Voltage Falls Below 102 Volt Or Above 132 Volt And Reconnects Once Voltage Stabilizes
  • With Fault Indicator Light
  • 3 Mode Surge Protection
  • 120 Volt Operating Voltage
  • 7200 Watts Maximum