OmniPro Antenna Mounting Plate MB8200


Product Description:


When you’re ready to replace an existing crank-up batwing or omnidirectional antenna with a KING Jack™ or KING OmniPro™ HDTV Antenna (sold separately), you’ll be amazed at how easy it is with KING’s new over-the-air antenna mounting plate. It’s a must-have for providing a strong, durable, water-tight seal on your RV roof when you’re looking to upgrade your antenna.

Product Overview

  • Pre-drilled for easy installation
  • Engineered to provide a water-tight seal
  • Manufactured with a weather-resistant, automotive-grade plastic
  • UV-protection ensures durability



  • Warranty Information:
    • 1 year parts
  • Compatible KING antenna models (ONLY for models indicated below):
    • OA8400, OA8401
    • OA8500, OA8501
    • OA1000, OA1001
  • Material:
    • ASA – Automotive Grade, UV stable plastic
  • Dimensions:
    • 11”x 11”
  • Included with Purchase:
    • KING Jack™/KING OmniPro™ Antenna Mounting Plate
    • Fasteners to attach mounting plate to base of KING Jack/KING OmniPro Antenna
  • Part #: MB8200