Porta-Pak RV Toilet Freshener - 10 Per Bag - Natural Scent


Product Description:

Perfect for your bathroom on your RV! Never handle a messy liquid again! Just drop in your RV toilet and the pre-packaged portion controls odor while breaking down waste and paper. Comes in a convenient zipper bag for easy storage. Formaldehyde-free. 
  • Waste Holding Tank Treatment
  • Porta-Pak (R)
  • Biological Treatment Used To Control Odor/ Break Down Waste And Liquefy Tissue
  • Without Formaldehyde
  • With Deodorant
  • Fresh Scent
  • Lubricates Valves And Cleans Sensor
  • Treats Up To 50 Gallon Holding Tank
  • 32 Gram Drop-In Individual Dose Pouches
  • Bag Of 10 Treatment