Ultra-Fab Phoenix Electric Trailer Tongue Jack


Product Description:

Introducing the Phoenix Electric Tongue Jack! It's the newest innovation from Ultra-Fab, and it's the fastest electric tongue jack on the market. Ultra-Fab's engineers developed the Phoenix with ball screw technology. Instead of raising and lowering the jack with Acme threaded rods, the Phoenix incorporates a strong threaded steel rod with ball bearings. . The Phoenix is rated for 4,000 pounds lifting capacity and features a stronger motor, an electronic control panel, a built in light for night operation, and an emergency crank access port with a crank socket included. In addition, it does not have external switches that might break off.
  • New electronic control panel
  • No external switches to break off
  • Intelligent memory settings remember hitch position
  • New strong threaded steel rod with ball bearings
  • Strong 12V motor
  • Travels 10" in 18 seconds
  • 18" of travel
  • Durable powder coated finish
  • Emergency crank socket included
  • 5.5" extension with 6" diameter quick-drop footpad
  • Strong 2.25" outer tube
  • Built-in light for night operation
  • 4000 Pound Capacity
  • Powder Coated
  • Black