Washer/Dryer Vent Installation Kit


Product Description:

UV protected, weather-resistant vent cover with automotive chrome finish and streamlined design. Kit includes Integrated 4" plastic tail piece and flap/insect seal, 2 worm-driven metal clamps, 4" x 2' fire-resistant flexible metal duct, inside collar, 6 screws.

  • Clothes Washer/ Dryer Vent Installation Kit
  • Splendide (R)
  • Used For Splendide Clothes Dryer Part Number TVM63X
  • Chrome
  • Deluxe Type
  • With UV-Protected Vent Cover/ Paintable Louvered Vent/ Flexible Metallic Ducting/ Worm Driven Screw Clamps/ Flap Insect Seal Or 4 Inch UV Protected Vent Cover/ Tail Pipe With Flap/ 2 Vent Cover Screws