RV WoBLR Battery Operated Smart Level by RV Intelligence


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  • Pairs with the free RVIQWoBLR™ app
  • Easy to use app interface
  • Bubble level display
  • Home mode works on any surface, and in any RV
  • Hitch point mode for exact hitching height
  • Offset shown in inches or centimeters using RVIQArclength™ calculation
  • Years of life on a coin cell battery
  • Designed & manufactured in the USA!

What’s the WoBLR™? It’s the “World’s Best Level for RVs”!

With the WoBLR™, you never have to worry about a wobbly RV ever again. Why? Because the WoBLR is the world’s easiest way to manually level your trailer and reconnect to your hitch! Of course, that’s our opinion, but once you try it, we think you’ll agree.

Simply put, the WoBLR is an easy-to-install, easy-to-use leveling device that eliminates the hassle of getting your RV perfectly level for camping and getting the correct height for hitch reconnection. When paired with the RVIQWoBLR app, available for both Apple and Android devices, the WoBLR solves both these problems with a powerful, visual tool right on your mobile device!

And once the WoBLR app shows that your RV is level, you can be sure that your trailer is level, because the WoBLR is accurate to within one – that’s right, 1 – degree of accuracy!


The WoBLR: For the Perfect Level…

The WoBLR is an affordable aftermarket product designed by RVers for RVers. It can be installed on any flat surface inside your RV (it is not recommended for outdoor use) and quickly calibrated to your specific RV, simply by following our easy-to-follow instructions and instructional videos. Once set up, the WoBLR provides an easy-to-read display on your smartphone or tablet that clearly indicates how far off level you are, how minute changes to each jack and wheel bring you closer to level, and when you have achieved the perfect level you need for safety and comfort.


… And the Perfect Hitch Height, Every Single Time!

With WoBLR’s innovative Jack Point feature, you can find the exact height needed to easily reconnect to your ball hitch or 5th wheel king pin every single time! The Jack Point feature on the RVIQWoBLR app enables you to find the place where you disconnected from the ball hitch or 5th wheel king pin simply and easily, so you can simply sail right underneath the hitch or into the king pin with ease. And because you can set it every time you disconnect (absolutely necessary to correct for changes in trailer orientation), reconnecting is a breeze every time.


Eliminate the Hassle of Leveling Your RV with the WoBLR, A Smart RV Product for Smart RVers!

Getting your RV perfectly level used to be a time-consuming hassle, time that could be spend enjoying the RV life with family and friends. Now, with just a few easy steps, the WoBLR makes leveling your RV and reconnecting to your hitch quick and easy:

  • Download and install the RVIQWoBLR App on your smartphone or tablet
  • Pair the app with the WoBLR hardware
  • Mount your WoBLR device on any flat surface
  • Set the HOME Calibration to enable your WoBLR to achieve a perfect “zero” level
  • Set the Hitch Point Calibration
  • Personalize the WoBLR with your specific RV type and dimensions so the WoBLR can calculate the offsets at your jacks